Energy crisis triggers Britain’s biggest behavioural change in a generation

Figures shared by SaveMoneyCutCarbon show the majority of UK residents are now willing to implement ‘green action’ if it cuts costs.

The platform, which offers advice and signposting for sustainability and money-saving options, conducted a study of how the nation’s habits were changing amid soaring heating and fuel costs. Overall, the results show that 66% of respondents are now introducing ‘eco-behaviours’ into everyday life to try and reduce overheads. 

shallow focus photography of incandescent bulb

Further to this, almost half the nation’s new home buyers (48%) reported that energy efficiency is now the top priority when viewing a prospective purchase. Meanwhile, one-in-three (28%) claimed their next car would be an electric model, with 12% keen to install their own charge points.

However, there is still a long way to go before environmentally-sound habits become more commonplace. Although 51% of people now want to swap out traditional light bulbs for LED options by the end of this year, 42% of those in the study agreed that recycling is the only eco-conscious action they currently engage with. 

These numbers back up another recent report. Gas and electricity supplier E.On, and Utility Warehouse-owner Telecom Plus, both published data showing a double-digit drop in gas and electricity use. Nevertheless, Energy Security and Net Zero Secretary, Grant Shapps, has expressed disappointment that even the customers who have shown willingness to reduce energy use are likely to see a further rise in costs before bills come down. One concern being this may discourage people from trying to cut consumption. 

‘We… need to take agency and responsibility over how we are using our energy. Down to the appliances we have at home, how we commute and even our behaviours at our places of work. The best place to start is to take a step back and observe how we each use energy and begin implementing small and subtle changes,’ said Mark Sait, CEO and Founder of SaveMoneyCutCarbon. ‘For example, start switching off appliances that aren’t in use from the mains, changing your shower heads to a low-flow model, or the easiest, swapping your incandescent light bulb to an energy-efficient one.

‘This simple, and cost-effective behaviour can reduce your energy consumption by 90%,’ he continued. ‘We have loads of ways that help inform, educate and advise on the varied but effective ways homeowners and renters can save hundreds on their energy bills, whilst simultaneously lowering their carbon footprint. Be it through our SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home App or our ‘Give Eco A Go’ scheme, we believe that the real way to start observing long-term change for the sake of our planet is through a change in our consumer behaviour.’

In other news, this week Downing Street unveiled the 2023 Budget. Find out what this means for energy, net zero, emissions reductions, and the environment here

Image: Caleb Woods



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