Little, often: Huge energy gain from powering down for 30mins daily

A new study has revealed that switching off electricals at home for a half hour each day can significantly contribute to environmental efforts.

Conducted by Antoinette Jackson, founder of eco-product and lifestyle firm SuperBee, the research looked at what happens if we power down devices and head out for a 30minute walk on a daily basis. 

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If 1m people were to do this for just one week, the country would save 4,500 t Mg of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and 2,000MWh of electricity. Asking 4m to participate for 1month would offer reductions of 18,000 t Mg of CO2 and 8,000 MWh. Meanwhile, if 48m engaged for 12 months, those numbers would hit 216,000 t Mg and 96,000 MWh.  

‘Overall, living in an eco-friendly way is not only important for the health of our planet but also for our own health and the health of future generations. By making small changes in our daily lives and supporting eco-friendly initiatives, we can all contribute to creating a more sustainable and liveable world,’ said Jackson of the study.

Last month, Environment Journal reported on a number of consumer surveys that suggested the ongoing cost-of-living crisis has triggered a significant change in British behaviour. Largely driven by sky-high energy prices, along with record inflation, ‘green practices’ like switching devices off at the mains and installing halogen bulbs, have become far more commonplace across the UK.

This is due to a combination of increased pressure to improve individual footprints, and a desire to keep bills as low as possible. However, critics argue that to realise the full potential of this Government should introduce policies that reward those actively reducing their energy consumption. No such initiative was tabled in last month’s budget

Image: Isaac Li Shung Tan



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