The first ever citizens assembly on climate change will meet this month

The UK’s first citizen assembly on climate change will have their first of four meetings this month to consider how the UK can reach the goal of net-zero by 2050. 

The Climate Assembly was commissioned by the House of Commons in summer 2019 and the 110 assembly members will make recommendations to the government, businesses and the public in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Over the past four months the Expert Leads, Advisory Panel and Academic Panel have been working with the assembly team to develop a detailed plan for the design of the assembly and to organise the speakers that will address assembly members.

The Expert Leads is made up of four people who will work closely with Parliament to ensure that the assembly maintains the key principles about how to achieve net-zero.

The Expert Leads will draw on the knowledge and experience of the Advisory Panel, which is made up of key stakeholders, all with an interest or expertise in climate change, the Advisory Panel includes representatives from Green Alliance, Greenpeace, and RenewablesUK

The Academic Panel is made up of academics from various UK universities who are researching climate change, they will work to influence and educate the Expert Leads.

Commenting on the invitations being sent out, Rachel Reeves, chair of the business, energy and industrial strategy committee said: ‘Adopting the net-zero target was a major milestone for the UK, reflecting strong cross-party support for action on climate change.

‘We now need to set out a clear roadmap for the actions to achieve net-zero.

‘It’s very clear that we will all need to play a part in meeting this target and that we all share a responsibility to future generations to do so.

‘The Climate Assembly will advise Parliament on how people want us to meet the net-zero target, and suggest policies that the government can implement to secure success.’

Mel Stride, chair of the treasury committee also commented: ‘Public concern around climate change is as high as it has ever been and this is a chance for people from all parts of society to come together, to decide how we as a country can best meet our net-zero emissions targets.’

‘Net-zero is an opportunity, therefore, for people to not just explore ways in which the UK  can end its contribution to climate change, but also create a cleaner, healthier environment as well as benefit from the opportunities around creating a low-carbon economy.’

Photo Credit – Pixabay


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