Ad: AirTulip – the company on a mission to bring clean air into your bedroom

A good night’s sleep shouldn’t come at the cost of your health, according to fluid dynamics expert and AirTulip founder Arjen de Jong. Unfortunately, most people aren’t sleeping in rooms with purified air, leading them to inhale a vast array of contaminants like dust, pollen, smoke, germs, and viruses.

On average, humans spend up to one-third of their lives sleeping – equating to an average of 26 years spent asleep. A restful sleep is connected to a healthier immune system, reduced stress levels, enhanced cognitive function, performance recovery, and more.

However, when regularly exposed to contaminated air – particularly when asleep – the body suffers an array of concerning health consequences. In fact, poor indoor air quality can negatively impact sleep quality, eliminating many of the aforementioned sleep benefits.

So what if there was a way to get a healthier night’s sleep? The team at AirTulip are on a mission to make it happen.

As COVID-19 was declared an official pandemic, de Jong and co-founder Raoul Valstar paired curiosity with their extensive backgrounds in aeronautics, cleanroom technology, fluid mechanics, and product testing to create a next generation air purifier that would bring cleanroom-grade air into the home for the first time.

After extensive research and testing, the AirTulip Sleep was born. Yes, it’s an air purifier. The surprise? It’s also a headboard.

Tired of clunky air purifiers that took up space in the home and still didn’t properly eliminate contaminants from the air, the duo embarked on creating a one-of-its-kind headboard that would reduce the particle count in the bedroom to zero. Yes, zero.

The AirTulip Sleep uses cleanroom-grade certified Ultra-Low Particulate Air filters (ULPA) that filter 99.9997% of all particles, 100 times more powerful than standard HEPA filters. These ULPA filters are typically only available in cleanrooms such as medical facilities and technology development rooms, but will now be available right where you sleep.

The idea of bringing cleanroom-grade technology into the home hasn’t been a simple process. It’s taken over a year of research, prototyping, development, and testing to get the product exactly right. But for the team at AirTulip, it’s all worth it for the opportunity to improve people’s health and wellbeing.   

The AirTulip Sleep has more cleaning power than up to 10 air purifiers combined. This is mainly a result of its laminar airflow process, a revolutionary technology that doesn’t mix or contaminate air particles. As for the headboard itself, it has been designed to fit seamlessly into the home, complete with ambient lighting, charging ports, reading lamps, and storage. The purification setting is whisper-quiet, so even the lightest of sleepers won’t be disturbed.

The product has been independently tested by the renowned Eindhoven University of Technology who have confirmed the AirTulip Sleep’s ability to create a clean air zone in the bedroom. Moving forward, AirTulip and the university’s Department of the Built Environment will begin research into the relationship of clean air and sleeping quality. Both organizations are committed to making a global impact by bringing clean air to the world.

Valstar is excited about what’s to come for the company and its impact, saying: ‘We want to use our knowledge and learnings to raise awareness, to help educate people about indoor air quality and enable them to live healthier lives.’

The AirTulip got its start on Kickstarter late last month and is currently offering a range of packages that guarantee early access to the first product shipments, and discounts off the recommended retail price. 

Find out more about AirTulip here.


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