Could an arctic Donald Trump sculpture be the Mount Rushmore of climate change?

A Finnish NGO hopes to commission a 115-foot tall ice sculpture of Donald Trump’s face in the Arctic region, which they believe will demonstrate the effects of climate change.

The US president is an outspoken critic of climate change, and they hope to see his face carved onto an arctic glacier, in order for it to melt.

‘Project Trumpmore’ is a science/art project by the Melting Ice Association, and through the sculpture they hope to provide a concrete test that shows whether global warming is true or false. They also plan to install a camera to the site of the Trumpberg to live stream its fate.

They say they want to combat ‘fake news and alternative facts,’ and show that ‘climate change is taking place.’

Nicolas Prieto, the chairman of Melting Ice, who are behind the project says: ‘Global warming is one of the most important issues and topics of today. There are still people who ponder whether it’s a real issue.’

‘We want to build the monument for all of us, so we can see how long the sculpture lasts before melting. Often people only believe something when they see it with their own eyes.’

‘Our starting point was to create something concrete, something people can see and something that makes climate change visual. In general, we believe that a DIY-attitude appeals to people, and it’s certainly the same thing which got us started,’ says Mr Prieto.

They say their goal is to generate conversation and catch the eye of anyone who is willing to fund the project.

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