Problem: Last mile delivery costs are one of the biggest expenses in supply chain (avg. 53%). On average, traditional last mile delivery methods waste  £3.8/hour.  Six million people in England are at high risk of lung damage and other serious illnesses caused by toxic air.

Solution: ecofleet are here to shake that up. Built on the obsession of the future of logistics, we are innovating the way goods are transported in London. Designed in Denmark with a load capacity of 230 kg and 60 miles on full charge, our bikes reduce the average delivery time by 40 minutes and save an average of 350 tonnes of CO2e per year. Our unique API integration makes it easy for clients to track their deliveries and also gives our client’s customers complete transparency into the journey of their goods.

We believe that sustainability is a mindset – it’s not just about polluting cities less, and creating healthier lungs but it is also about having ethical business practices. 50% of our management team is female and 70% of our team is non-white. All of our riders have a full PAYE and national insurance and, £800/month of company funds is dedicated to advancing the education of riders. Lastly, we operate out of a fully self-sustaining warehouse in south London.

When setting up ecofleet we had in mind to build a business that makes sense for people, for dense cities, for the planet and for profit. It is our aim to help change peoples’ delivery mindset and by promoting cycle freight we will improve the air quality of our city.


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