Kunak Technologies

We manufacture robust solutions for remote monitoring and control.

We help businesses and organizations that need to monitor and control critical parameters in real-time and help them reduce costs, measure environmental impact and improve processes by providing accuracy, efficiency and economic benefits.

We design and manufacture wireless monitoring and control systems, environmental instrumentation, sensor networks and operational intelligence that guarantee the proper transmission and exploitation of information and allows their integration into other systems.

We at Kunak create air quality control and monitoring end-to-end solutions designed to capture environmental data and to remotely control infrastructures and equipment.

Smart Environment solution

Information about air quality, noise pollution and emissions for smart cities, industry and the environment.

Kunak Smart Environment solution , which includes the Kunak AIR Pro and Kunak AIR Lite stations and the Kunak AIR Cloud software,  helps to monitor Air Quality, Industrial Emissions, Noise Pollution and other environmental factors through fast-deploying wireless devices, providing high-value information for decision making, with excellent precision and at a cost that is 30 times lower than with other methods of reference.

Kunak devices offer high-quality data, providing very good correlations with official stations and reference equipment. They come pre-calibrated and can be remotely calibrated in a simple and user-friendly manner through Kunak AIR Cloud web platform.

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