43% of UK drivers won’t switch to EV ‘unchartered territory’

With less than seven years to go until an outright ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars comes into effect, a new poll casts doubt on Britain’s chances of seeing a widespread transition to electric vehicles. 

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Almost half of all respondents to a survey by car sharing platform Turo would not consider switching to an EV when making their next vehicle purchase. This rises to 53% among Gen Z and Baby Boomer generations. 

Reinforcing the idea that younger people are becoming more willing to alter behaviours if it benefits the planet, when looking only at Millennials and Gen Z just 23% said they would not consider an EV for their next car, van or motorcycle. Almost three quarters of those in the research consider plug-in transport to be ‘unchartered territory’ and 46% said they would want an extended test drive before considering making the switch, which suggest a knowledge gap that needs to be bridged. 

The cost of electric models, with the bottom end of the brand new market coming in at around £22,000 and charge points upwards of £1,000 for installation, has been cited as a leading cause for concern. More than half of those who said they would think about moving from petrol or diesel still had reservations about perceived costs. This is despite recent research showing a reduction in running expenses among EV drivers compared with internal combustion engines.

‘As 2030 approaches, there is no doubt that more and more drivers will want to turn to electric vehicles, and we’re delighted to see an increasing number of EVs on our platform. But as our research shows, currently the barriers to purchase are still too big for many,’ said Xavier Collins, UK VP at Turo. 

‘Buying an EV is understandably a big step, whether it’s due to the high purchase cost or fear of the unknown. Car sharing is a great way for EV owners to recoup some of those costs. It is also an ideal way for someone who is considering going electric to try before they buy. Instead of a 20 minute test drive with someone sitting next to you, through car renting guests can get the full EV experience before buying.’

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