Car clubs could save Londoners £6,000 per year

People living in the UK capital could enjoy significantly lower costs if they choose shared travel modality over private, new research shows. 

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Overall, those opting to join a car club rather than buying a new or second hand EV could stand to save up to £6,000 per year, without sacrificing access to the most up-to-date electric vehicle models. 

Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK) was behind the research, and the team argue car clubs are also key to increasing access to cars among people who are not in the market to actually own their own vehicle. By opting to join a shared scheme, drivers can enjoy the benefits of ownership with far greater flexibility. 

The organisation’s previous studies have shown that car club members are likely to drive less than people who own cars outright, which could also be a sign of a more active lifestyle overall. Emissions benefits are also significant, with an average of 29 private cars taken off roads per individual car club vehicle, while public transport ridership also increases. 

This latest investigation looked at three common types of EVs in the UK – Tesla Model Y, the most frequently sold electric vehicle in 2022, a brand new Renault Zoe, and five-year-old Nissan Leaf. People using car clubs against these models could save £5,573 per year compared to owning an EV which is less than three years old. 

Looking at leasing options, it’s possible to save £6,167 annually by opting to join a car club. This is based on UK Government data showing that Londoners on average make 155 car trip per year, each lasting an average off seven minutes and covering a distance of 7.5miles. For this type of usage, the average yearly cost of an EV through a car club would be £1,389. 

‘Our research shows that Londoners who join car clubs are not only helping to cut pollution and road congestion, they are also saving thousands of pounds a year compared to buying or leasing their own EV. Affordable access to a growing fleet of green vehicles is one of a number of advantages enjoyed by car club members,’ said Richard Dilks, Chief Executive of CoMoUK.

‘Our previous research has also shown how each car club vehicle in London takes 29 private cars off the road. This is equivalent to removing more than 100,000 cars from the capital’s streets, giving everyone more space, better air quality and lower city-wide emissions,’ he continued. ‘Car club members also use public transport and walk or cycle more than Londoners in general.’

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