New ‘recycling-up’ process has saved 340,000 plastic bottles from landfill

Toiletry product company Splosh has created a closed-loop recycling system, which makes it easier for consumers to recycle their products. 

Splosh said it hopes the system will save 1 billion bottles from going to landfill each year, and added that so far this year it has already saved 340,000 bottles.

Individuals can order a product from Splosh and then when this product runs out, rather than buying a new one, they can order a refill pouch.

This pouch can then be sent back to Splosh to be recycled further.

The Welsh company is encouraging customers to return the refill pouches by offering free postage.

The pouches are then repurposed into new products, according to Splosh this process of repurposing can continue for many years.

Splosh founder Angus Grahame said: ‘It’s a first, up until now plastics have been recycled down, we are now recycling up.

‘The new recycled products will retain the colour of the original pouches which gives them a higher value than the products they were made from.

‘This transforms the economics of recycling,’ added Mr Grahame.

‘Think of the catastrophic environmental damage caused by our competitors selling single-use bottles, because they don’t have to pay the price for that damage.

‘Now imagine everyone in the UK switching to Splosh, together we would save over 1 billion bottles a year from going to waste.

‘From the feedback we get from customers, we’re really confident this will catch on. After all, we’ve made refilling them easier than recycling.’

In related news, Sky TV has invested £1.5 million into a zero-waste shopping service that delivers products to customers in reusable packaging.

The plastic-free online shop Loop, was developed by the U.S recycling business TerraCycle.

It provides consumers with a new way to shop that is designed to move away from the world’s reliance on single-use plastic by ‘closing the loop on waste and creating a circular economy’.

Photo Credit – Splosh




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