Young people call for climate action ahead of COP26

Young people call on the government to take urgent action to tackle climate change, according to new data from the Purpose Pulse.

With the UK set to host COP26 in November 2021, the survey revealed that the majority of young people have a new sense of optimism, with 56% of young people stating that they are hopeful that COP26 will lead to positive change.

However, the survey, which involved 2,878 Gen Z and Millennials in the UK, US, Germany and Nigeria, also revealed that young people think that tougher action is required, with three-fifths (60%) stating that increased regulation on businesses should be a priority before the summit.

Across all countries surveyed, 25-39-year-olds were more likely than the next generation to support regulations making individuals pay for their own carbon emissions.

Generation Z were less inclined to support higher taxes on flying and restricting the amount of meat people can eat than Millennials.

Barry Johnston, the founding partner of Purpose Union, said: ‘The UK needs to put its best foot forward ahead of COP26 in Glasgow later this year to convince voters, consumers and the rest of the world that it’s serious about tackling the climate crisis.

‘Gen Z and Millennials have increased social, political and economic clout.

‘They are optimistic about what can be achieved at the climate summit but this optimism is accompanied by a clear agenda for action. They want governments to be more ambitious in committing to legally binding targets. They want new rules introduced where the industry has shown itself unwilling to reform. Sizeable numbers also want to see rules to curb carbon-intensive individual behaviours like using plastics, flying and eating meat.

‘Perhaps for the first time in many of their lives due to COVID, Generation Z and Millennials have seen the idea of ‘big government’ inaction and advocated from all sides. They seem to have liked what they’ve seen and want to see that applied to the climate crisis.’

Photo Credit – Pixabay



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