100 Pine Street Suite 1250, San Francisco CA 94111

ATMO® (formerly known as Atmotube) is a San-Francisco-based design, engineering, and manufacturing company developing air quality and environmental monitoring products with vast expertise in environmental sensor technologies, hardware engineering, calibration, and compensation AI algorithms.

ATMO is the developer of:

  • Atmotube, a series of portable air quality trackers with PM1, PM2.5, PM10, and TVOC sensors;
  • Atmocube, stationary environmental and air quality monitors for residential and commercial buildings.

Tested by several governmental and certification agencies, ATMO devices have been widely used in multiple air pollution research projects around the world.

Part of the ACOEM Group, we are committed to sustainable development and helping companies and public authorities limit their environmental impact. We offer products and services that prevent and control air, noise and vibration pollution, increase the productivity and reliability of industrial machinery & contribute to the development of effective, robust & noiseless products

With decades of experience and high levels of expertise, including a UK-wide network of highly trained and equipped service engineers; Acoem UK is able to select the best instruments from leading global manufacturers.  These include Ecotech, AQMesh, Palas, Aethlabs, Thermo, 2B Technologies, Lufft and others.

The company’s products include gas, particulate and meteorological monitoring instruments for personal, portable and fixed installations in applications such as occupational safety, toxic gas detection, leak detection, process monitoring, fenceline monitoring, environmental monitoring and ambient air quality monitoring. The company’s products are also employed extensively by leading UK researchers.

The staff at Acoem UK are experts in air quality; able to provide help and guidance on which technologies are best suited for specific applications.


Sensor Technology House
300 Avenue West
Skyline 120
Great Notley, Braintree
Essex CM77 7AA
United Kingdom

Alphasense supplies high-quality gas and particulate sensors to many of the world’s leading industrial OEMs in the air quality, industrial and gas safety industries. With over 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of high-accuracy sensors, the Alphasense brand is synonymous with quality and innovation, particularly in the fields of gas detection, industrial gas analysis and environmental monitoring

Airlib is a software as a service company offering solutions for automotive in-cabin air quality management.

Airlib’s mission is to reduce exposure to traffic pollution for more than 1 billion urban dwellers worldwide.

Founded in 2015 by a group of experts in automotive air quality, Airlib provides complete software solutions to car OEMs, from air quality data collection, to mapping and recirculation flap control.

Using its patented technology, Airlib creates unparalleled high-resolution air quality maps that are used by car OEMs to outsmart traffic pollution, but also by air quality organizations and app developers, to bring better information to the public and minimize their exposure. Airlib’s platform enables functions such as: “cleaner route recommendations”, personal pollution exposure trackers, exposure comparisons by cities, neighborhoods,  streets or address.

The company is privately held with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more information about AIRLIB, please visit




AQMesh Environmental Instruments Ltd, Unit 5-6 The Mansley Centre, Timothy’s Bridge Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 9NQ, UK

AQMesh is the proven small sensor outdoor air quality monitor manufactured in the UK by Environmental Instruments Ltd and supported worldwide through a global network of distributors. It has been designed to offer a robust and easy-to-use air quality monitoring system that can deliver localised real-time readings, improving the accuracy and scope of gathering air quality data in order to support initiatives to reduce air pollution and its risk to human health.


AQMesh measures key pollutants in ambient air using the best small sensor technology combined with proprietary data processing derived from extensive global comparisons with reference data. The product combines a robust hardware platform with wireless power options and communication using the latest LTE communications standard – including NB-IoT support – cloud-based data processing and secure online access.


AQMesh pods have been on the market since 2012 and are being used in over 60 countries in a range of applications. Pods are manufactured to an exceptionally high quality based on many years’ experience of developing environmental monitoring equipment for harsh environments and challenging international standards.


A17 Embankment Business Park
Heaton Mersey Stockport

APEM is Europe’s leading independent environmental consultancy specialising in freshwater and marine ecology and aerial surveys. We offer work of the highest quality and scientific integrity, together with excellent service.

With headquarters in Manchester, we have over 115 staff in ten offices throughout the UK, as well as an associate in Germany and close working relations with a leading consultancy in the United States

Air Quality Assessments Ltd

c/o Ardwyn Channon
12 Victoria Street

Air Quality Assessments Ltd provides dust, odour & air quality assessments for clients across the UK

AQ Assessments provide consulting and air quality assessment services for residential, commercial, industrial, waste and mineral developments and road schemes. Whether you need a simple screening assessment, or a detailed chapter for an Environmental Statement, our air quality consultant has the skills and the experience to provide the support you need. We offer an independent and personal service, working with developers, planners and architects to get projects through the planning and permitting system. Our aim is to provide a cost effective consultancy service, producing reports of a high standard to ensure customer satisfaction.

AQ Assessments can provide you with: planning application supportenvironmental permit application supportmodellingmonitoringdust assessment, and odour assessment. Whatever your requirements, AQ Assessments can deliver solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Aebi Schmidt

Southgate Way
Orton Southgate

The ASH Group is the leading system provider of innovative technical solutions for the cleaning and clearing of traffic areas as well as the mowing of green spaces on difficult terrains. Our product range includes vehicles, attachments and demountable devices as well as the corresponding services. Due to our many years of international experience, we are partners and attendants to our customers. By means of a service programme tailored to our customer’s requirements, we offer our customers the appropriate solution for nearly any problem!


Pendeford House, Pendeford Business Park,
Wobaston Rd, Pendeford, Wolverhampton,

ADAS exists to provide ideas, specialist knowledge and solutions to secure our food and enhance the environment.

ADAS is the UK’s largest independent provider of agricultural and environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice. ADAS has a unique combination of insight and practical experience, underpinned by robust, informed, science-based information that allows us to meet the needs of both our domestic and international clients. Our great strength is our breadth and depth of expertise spanning the entire environmental sector.

Acre Resources Ltd

Chancery Station House
33 High Holborn

Sustainability Recruitment.

Acre connects organisations and people in sustainability, corporate responsibility, environment, health & safety and energy.

BEK Enviro

Suite 3,
No 5 Dalton Court,
Commercial Road,
Darwen Interchange,
BEK is a Geo-Environmental Consultancy that provides independent and objective advice for a wide range of issues that arise on construction and civil engineering projects.
We have a dedicated and committed team of chartered engineers that have considerable experience across a broad range of geo-environmental disciplines. The team has well-established relationships with a wide network of specialist collaborative partners, enabling us to resource and deliver on projects of all scales and sizes. This collaborative approach to the assembly of project-specific teams, allows us to maintain a competitive advantage.


CO2Meter is often identified as the leading source for gas detection, indoor air quality monitoring, and analytical solutions.

Our devices incorporate both fixed, portable, and desktop technologies which range across monitoring Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Particulate Matter (PM2.5/10) Contaminants.

With so much time indoors it is important to monitor the air you breathe and by monitoring Carbon Dioxide you can improve occupant comfort, mitigate airborne viruses, and provide energy efficiency.

With more than 1 million devices sold worldwide, our extensive array of business partnerships includes companies in restaurant, indoor agriculture, indoor air quality, HVAC, university research, and many more.

To learn more about CO2Meter and our indoor air quality solutions, contact us at or visit our website at

Cambustion is an independent, privately owned company with headquarters in Cambridge, UK.

The company was founded in 1987 by a research group at Cambridge University Engineering Department, to produce a fast response Flame Ionisation Detector for hydrocarbon measurement. This analyzer had immediate applications in engine and catalyst development and found users at OEMs and universities, since the rapid time response allowed new insights into engine behaviour.

Today the company has two groups, the Products group and the Engineering Services group.

Please feel free to contact Cambustion for further information.

CPLC Water Limited

8 Church Hayes Close
North Somerset
BS48 4LY

CPLC Water specialize in the design and construction of flood defences and flood barriers for property level protection (PLP) We have a team of highly trained and experienced design and construction engineers, who are dedicated to providing the best flood mitigation measures for your requirements. In association with UK Flood Barriers, our team of BPEC accredited installers operate throughout the Wessex area and provide detailed residential and commercial property surveys to assess property level flood protection requirements. all products are PAS1188 tested and BSi Kite marked.

Flood Protection and Drainage Engineering Services

CPLC Water is an independent company dedicated to providing a comprehensive service dedicated to all aspects of flood management, drainage and water engineering. With over 15 years’ experience within the industry, CPLC Water offers a reliable and professional consultancy, design and installation service for flooding, drainage and water engineering sector.

Candover Green

1b St Cross Road,
SO23 9JA

Candover Green serves the recruitment needs of corporations and public sector bodies within the world of Waste Management, Energy and the Environment & Sustainability sectors.  We work with UK and international companies, governments and consultancies to recruit professionals and specialists within these high growth arenas.

The services we provide to clients and candidates are ethical, honest and effective.  We have a reputation for offering an open, flexible and empathetic approach to every assignment we take on.  We believe that the key to success is to get to know the client and the candidates as well as possible and to really understand their needs and desires.

Our approach will vary depending on the nature of the assignment – one size does not fit all – what we will never do, is take on work in which we will not succeed.  We have the flexibility to offer a range of services, from straightforward database or web-based search to high-end retained, research driven executive search; our consultants have the advantage of having recruited across the seniority spectrum, from entry-level graduates to board level.

At Candover Green, we want to give something back.  The world does not owe us but we should be doing our bit to make the world a better place for future generations, that is why we will endeavour to place the very best people with our clients.

Evotech Air Quality

Evotech Air Quality
Unit B3, Lowfields Close
Lowfields Business Park
Elland, HX5 9DX

Compelled by worsening levels of air pollution in the UK, Evotech launched its specialist air quality division to help customers create safer working environments and is currently supporting clients to improve confidence in returning to the workplace during and after the pandemic. We help UK businesses and organisations create healthier and safer working environments by monitoring and transforming their indoor air quality.


Evotech Air Quality’s specialist engineers use easy to access data from state of the art, wireless air quality monitoring sensors in a building, to improve the air quality, by fine-tuning building environmental management systems and mechanical ventilation units, and where these are not installed, through the use of the latest air cleaning and filtration technology.


A national company based in Elland, Evolution Technical Services was established in 2003, and provides mechanical and electrical engineering solutions to a wide range of commercial, industrial, healthcare and retail customers.



Problem: Last mile delivery costs are one of the biggest expenses in supply chain (avg. 53%). On average, traditional last mile delivery methods waste  £3.8/hour.  Six million people in England are at high risk of lung damage and other serious illnesses caused by toxic air.

Solution: ecofleet are here to shake that up. Built on the obsession of the future of logistics, we are innovating the way goods are transported in London. Designed in Denmark with a load capacity of 230 kg and 60 miles on full charge, our bikes reduce the average delivery time by 40 minutes and save an average of 350 tonnes of CO2e per year. Our unique API integration makes it easy for clients to track their deliveries and also gives our client’s customers complete transparency into the journey of their goods.

We believe that sustainability is a mindset – it’s not just about polluting cities less, and creating healthier lungs but it is also about having ethical business practices. 50% of our management team is female and 70% of our team is non-white. All of our riders have a full PAYE and national insurance and, £800/month of company funds is dedicated to advancing the education of riders. Lastly, we operate out of a fully self-sustaining warehouse in south London.

When setting up ecofleet we had in mind to build a business that makes sense for people, for dense cities, for the planet and for profit. It is our aim to help change peoples’ delivery mindset and by promoting cycle freight we will improve the air quality of our city.

Straightforward, modern, cloud-based environmental monitoring solutions. High quality, with exceptional value for money.

EEMC Monitors, sole UK distributors for Oizom, offer *Mcerts-certified particulate monitoring. This cloud-based solution, using Oizom’s intuitive, Envizom platform providing real-time data visualisation, email/SMS alerts and remote system configuration, updates, and reporting.

The HIVE-AQ™ Dustroid® monitoring solution uses the latest sensing technology for higher data accuracy and is capable of monitoring various environmental parameters related to air quality, noise, odour, weather and radiation.

The Dustroid® simultaneously measures *PM10, *PM2.5, PM1, PM100.

NO2 comes as standard, with the flexibility to add up to 8 additional gases NH3, CO2, C12, CH2O, CH3,SH, H2S, O3, SO2,, enabling the versatility to monitor across multiple applications together with a wide range of wired/wireless connectivity options.

Monitoring of particulate matter is typically a requirement for construction, demolition and infrastructure projects and this robust, compact, and innovative solution provides reassurance that local air quality is not being significantly affected by the works.

Deployment on site is quick and easy with ‘plug and play’ setup, and routine maintenance is straightforward. We offer a UK Calibration service (recommended yearly), together with free technical support from our knowledgeable team.

We also provide industry-leading vibration monitoring using the SWARM Vibration Monitor, a compact device, quick and easy to deploy and designed with construction applications in mind.

EEMC Monitors offer a complete solution for monitoring dust, vibration, and noise ensuring all your data is accessible via the cloud.

 Key Features:

  • Mcerts certified hardware
  • Compact, lightweight & robust
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Fully cloud-based platform, with full remote management of real-time data, alerts, configuration & reporting using the intuitive cloud platform
  • UK technical support, calibration & after-sales service
  • Free virtual training & software updates
  • Simple costs, with no hidden charges
  • High quality, industry-leading hard & software

Cloud-based monitoring solutions for the environmental and engineering profession.

If you would like to find out more about our products and services, discuss your requirements, or book a demonstration, simply follow the links, or give us a call.

*MCerts Compliant


27 Eldon Business Park,

We deliver a fully integrated consultancy based service for energy technology and this approach has helped us become one of the largest independent solar PV installers in the UK, specialising in roof-mounted systems.

Evergreen Resources

The Barn,
Barton Lane
Old Basing,
RG24 8AE

Established in 1991, Evergreen Resources, an environmental recruitment company, has the longest track record providing recruitment expertise to environmental candidates and environmental recruiters alike and is a recognised leader in the environmental sector.

We provide a wholly ethical service and boast an enviable reputation for providing an effective and accurate service whilst maintaining the confidentiality of both clients and job seekers alike.

ERM (Environmental Resources Management Ltd)

2nd Floor, Exchequer Court
33 St Mary Axe

ERM is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability related services. We have over 150 offices in 40 countries and territories employing more than 5,000 people. ERM is committed to providing a service that is consistent, professional and of the highest quality to create value for our clients.

Ecus Ltd

Brook Holt
3 Blackburn Road
South Yorkshire
S61 2DW

Ecus is a leading independent consultancy, providing the best environmental support for projects and companies.

With a 29 year history in multidisciplinary environmental consultancy we are recognised for our environmental focus and our breadth of expertise. Our quality, responsiveness and the value we provide differentiate us from the national engineering-focussed brands.

Our centrally located headquarters and growing number of satellite offices give us full geographical spread in the UK.

Our core services include EIA, ecology, landscape, heritage, geo-environmental consultancy, the water environment, environmental management, environmental training and sustainability. Our clients are of all sizes, covering public and private sectors. We are retained by many of our clients on long term arrangements reflecting the value and service we provide.

Ecus commitment to quality and the environment are recognised through our ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditations.

Ecology Services Ltd

1 Church Row Chambers

Ecology Services Ltd. is an environmental consultancy based in Lancashire, North West UK. We undertake work in the following regions.

  • Crewe to Preston; including the Peak District.
  • Preston to Lancaster; including Bowland and the Pennine Regions
  • Lancaster to Carlisle; including the Lake District

We also undertake work outside the above regions.

Our aim is to provide a high quality service to our clients, one that is practical, environmentally sustainable and professional. All environmental works are kept in-house; specialist sub-contractors are employed to provide a complete service.

GRAMM SmogStop

Head Office
Gramm Barrier Systems Ltd
18 Clinton Place
East Sussex
BN25 1NP

GRAMM is the UK leading specialist in the design, supply & installation of environmental acoustic barriers with over 20 years of experience. We have constructed literally 1,000’s of Km’s of acoustic barriers of all types of materials throughout the UK and Europe.

GRAMM is the exclusive UK partner for SmogStop.

GRAMM SmogStop Barrier reduces air and noise pollution levels in surrounding neighbourhoods, and takes a two-pronged approach to reducing air pollution from major roads, highways and railways.

The patented aerodynamic design reduces pollution levels by enhancing dispersion so that neighbouring residents can breathe easier. At the same time, a proprietary coating on the barrier actually breaks down the NOx and VOCs that produce smog, transforming them into harmless by-products.

GRAMM SmogStop Barrier’s angled baffle and double-walled design serve two main purposes. First, they direct traffic emissions between the two walls, where a photo catalytic coating treats the pollutants. Second, they generate vortexes and enhance vertical mixing of emissions with clean air, further decreasing pollution levels in surrounding neighbourhoods.

The proprietary coating we’ve developed transforms smog-producing NOX and VOCs into harmless gases and water, powered purely by sunlight.

GRAMM SmogStop Barrier incorporates ClearSoundBlok: a sound-reducing, break-resistant and highly transparent grade of acrylic.

The result? A dramatic reduction in noise and air pollution — without sacrificing sunlight.

Over the course of a year, a single kilometre of GRAMM SmogStop Barrier can remove 16 tonnes of NOX— the equivalent of taking 200,000 cars off that stretch of road.

BOTTOM-LINE BENEFITS: Reducing air pollution saves lives – and money

HR Wallingford

Howbery Park, Wallingford
OX10 8BA

HR Wallingford is an independent civil engineering and environmental hydraulics organisation.

We deliver practical solutions to the complex water-related challenges faced by our international clients. With a 65 year track record of achievement, our unique mix of know-how, assets and facilities includes state of the art physical modelling laboratories, a full range of numerical modelling tools and, above all, enthusiastic people with world-renowned skills and expertise.

Based in the UK, HR Wallingford has a reputation for excellence and innovation, which we sustain by re-investing profits from our operations into programmes of strategic research and development.

HR Wallingford reaches clients and partners globally through a network of offices, agents and alliances around the world.

Isopleth Ltd

35 Englishcombe Lane

Isopleth Ltd is an independent environmental consultancy specialising in the assessment of air quality, dust and odour. We are able to provide professional advice and support services to industry, local government, regulators and individuals on matters relating to air quality and environmental assessment.

Kunak Technologies

Parque Empresarial La Muga - Planta 4, Oficina 1, 31160 Orcoyen, Navarra, Spain

We manufacture robust solutions for remote monitoring and control.

We help businesses and organizations that need to monitor and control critical parameters in real-time and help them reduce costs, measure environmental impact and improve processes by providing accuracy, efficiency and economic benefits.

We design and manufacture wireless monitoring and control systems, environmental instrumentation, sensor networks and operational intelligence that guarantee the proper transmission and exploitation of information and allows their integration into other systems.

We at Kunak create air quality control and monitoring end-to-end solutions designed to capture environmental data and to remotely control infrastructures and equipment.

Smart Environment solution

Information about air quality, noise pollution and emissions for smart cities, industry and the environment.

Kunak Smart Environment solution , which includes the Kunak AIR Pro and Kunak AIR Lite stations and the Kunak AIR Cloud software,  helps to monitor Air Quality, Industrial Emissions, Noise Pollution and other environmental factors through fast-deploying wireless devices, providing high-value information for decision making, with excellent precision and at a cost that is 30 times lower than with other methods of reference.

Kunak devices offer high-quality data, providing very good correlations with official stations and reference equipment. They come pre-calibrated and can be remotely calibrated in a simple and user-friendly manner through Kunak AIR Cloud web platform.

More info at

Lendology CIC is a B Corp and social enterprise lender, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Operating in collaboration with local councils across the UK, Lendology offers a wide range of financial solutions to homeowners. These solutions cover various needs, including home repairs, improvements, adaptations, energy efficiency enhancements, and renewable technology installations.

With a holistic and inclusive approach, Lendology CIC extends its services to individuals who might typically face challenges accessing mainstream financial options or are forced into high-cost credit arrangements. What sets Lendology apart is its commitment to fairness – everyone receives loans at the same fixed interest rate, irrespective of their personal circumstances, the loan amount, or the loan term.

Since its inception in 2005, Lendology CIC has disbursed over £22 million in council capital. Lendology CIC stands out by revolutionising traditional lending practices, making its lending decisions based on partnerships and people, thereby enriching homes and lives through affordable finance*.

In 2022, Lendology CIC proudly achieved Carbon Neutral certification. The organisation is at the forefront of the decarbonisation movement in the workplace. To learn more about their journey and commitment to environmental sustainability, visit their website at Lendology’s Carbon Commitment.

Lendology CIC is dedicated to transparency and accountability. They regularly release Impact Reports that highlight their contributions to the community and the environment. The Community Impact Report showcases their efforts in achieving carbon neutrality and their ongoing initiatives to make a positive difference in the communities they serve. Additionally, their Social Impact Report provides insights into their broader social contributions. Both reports offer a comprehensive look at the positive impact they are making, featuring stories of individuals and communities they have had the privilege to support. You can access these reports here: Community Impact Report and Social Impact Report.

Lendology CIC is a community interest company limited by guarantee, registered in England, company number 4512225.

Registered address: Heatherton Park Studios, Bradford on Tone, Taunton TA4 1EU. Lendology CIC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (675263) for credit regulated activities.

*Loans are subject to status.


1 Trinity Park, Bickenhill Lane, Birmingham, B37 7ES UK

LRQA’s assurance services help put you in control – driving positive change and greater transparency across every aspect of your sustainability agenda, from reducing carbon emissions and environmental management to responsible sourcing, ethical production and employee health and wellbeing. 

We verify data, information, and reports, to drive credibility and confidence with the people that matter most to you. We certify your systems and processes against leading industry standards and schemes, to push your performance forward. And we support your existing programmes – or work with you to build new ones – that meet the specific needs of your business and wider supply chain.

At Marston Holdings we understand the current challenges our local authority clients are facing whether they be social, economic or environmental.

We work collaboratively with our 500+ clients in the UK and EU to develop, refine and execute a wide range of end to end transport and enforcement solutions to meet their local and combined air quality and environmental targets and objectives.

We provide complete design, build and enforce services for clean air zones and low emission zones and are working with many cities and regions on their bespoke solutions.

Our award-winning transport and design consultancy services provides the research, data analysis and business cases to secure funding and local support for clean air projects.

Our camera and technology solutions provide the backbone to road user charging and traffic enforcement services and provide a cost-effective solution to any road environment. Our common compliance camera/software technology platform delivers the highest value covering multiple different contravention types maximising return on investment and future proofing legislation change.

Our back office and enforcement expertise and experience can provide all statutory and regulatory services to provide a robust deterrent and behaviour change policies and tools to ensure good and early compliance.

Our UK and EU reach allows us to flex and scale services to meet local need and our award-winning debt management services provide an ethical and tailored service to achieve industry leading returns and customer service.


  • research and development
  • surveys and data collection
  • feasibility studies
  • concept to detail design
  • business cases
  • funding submissions
  • engagement and marketing
  • complementary measures design
  • IT system design



  • Fixed ANPR cameras
  • Mobile ANPR cameras
  • back office processing
  • data warehousing
  • system integration
  • website/app accessibility
  • traffic lines and signage
  • EV charging installation



  • PCN processing
  • UK debt services
  • Non UK debt services
  • Permitting/whitelisting
  • data analytics/BI
  • payments/refunds
  • audit/reporting


For further information contact – Nick Ruxton-Boyle
07767 833034

M3 Floodtec

M3 Global Flood Technologies Ltd, 9a Wassage Way, Hampton Lovett Industrial Estate, Droitwich, Worcestershire WR9 0NX

People with homes or premises liable to flood damage can now protect themselves with innovative flood protection devices from M3 Floodtec. The equipment and systems available from this global flood prevention specialist enable customers to enjoy peace of mind whenever the next deluge should come.

With more than 120 years’ experience, M3 Floodtec has the most advanced property and infrastructure anti-flooding technologies in the world. It works with major construction and civil engineering companies, the Environment Agency, major water authorities, local authorities and many others to ensure that properties are built flood resilient either to new build or to existing property to protect communities and infrastructure which are at risk.

That expertise is available to individual home owners through a range of inter-dependent products which it manufactures. These include flood proof doors and windows, demountable door and window barriers, anti-flood airbrick replacements and covers, sumps, pumps and non-return valves which prevent flood waters and sewage from re-entering a property.

All M3 Floodtec products hold the British Standards Institution quality kitemark, established through independent testing. They can be either demountable systems, which require activation by the owner, or they can be made completely passive- self-activating, so they deploy automatically whenever conditions create a flood risk.

Potential customers can see the products in action before they buy at the company’s unique testing facility in Droitwich which houses a full size property that can be flooded to a metre’s depth to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Call now to find out more.


Founded in 1970, RPS is a leading global professional services firm of 5,000 consultants and service providers. We define, design and manage projects that create shared value to a complex, urbanising and resource-scarce world.

At RPS we provide robust environmental advice across a range of services and sectors to support local authority clients even with the most intricate projects. Combining decades of multidisciplinary expertise, we advise on air quality (including dust and odour), acoustics, ecology, ground conditions, sustainability, climate resilience and many other areas.

You can find an extensive list of expertise here 

Rivervale Maxus was added to the MAXUS UK & Ireland network of dealerships as part of the company’s expansion plans for 2020 and beyond. Since then the Rivervale Maxus franchise has gone from strength to strength, capitalising on the demand for electric LCV’s and the shortage of petrol and diesel options available. Rivervale Maxus has established itself as the supplying dealer of choice for brokers as well as B2C demand. Part of the Rivervale Cars group, Rivervale Maxus is based in the companies HQ in Portslade, Brighton. Maxus has some exciting offerings in the fully electric vehicle space starting with the e-Deliver 3 and the e-Deliver 9, both fully electric panel vans with a variety of options to suit all usages. There are some exciting new models on the way including the heavily anticipated T90 EV Truck. To find out more and find yourself an electric van please visit

Rivervale Minibus is the leading Minibus organisation in the UK, specialising in the provision of new and used buses, part exchange, safety inspections and driver training. Minibuses provided by Rivervale are offered with livery and logo’s included and delivered nationally free of charge. Rivervale Minibus do not charge any documentation or administration fees removing any hidden costs completely. Rivervale Minibus have unique access to Ford, Toyota and Maxus product as well as being able to offer any make or model of minibus.

Every school minibus is required to undergo a detailed checklist before use to confirm to health and safety requirements. When operating a section 19 permit these regular safety checks must be recorded by an independent and qualified engineer. This must be completed every 6 weeks. Rivervale Minibus offer Midas driver training delivered by VOSA approved instructors. These courses are typically one day combining both classroom and practical elements. Rivervale Minibus offers these services nationally.


Rivervale Fleet provide expert advice, management and a dedicated fleet management offering. Rivervale Fleet is based in Brighton and have been leading the way helping businesses with their road to zero strategies. All of the solutions offered are tailored to the individual needs of each and every client. The aims are simple, to work in partnership to help drive costs down, improve efficiencies, reduce carbon footprints and ensure any duty of care obligations are met. This includes areas such as accident management, fuel management, vehicle logistics and grey fleet management. Rivervale Fleet also have short term rentals available for both cars and commercial vehicles to fill any gaps in fleet exchanges and renewals.

Rivervale have produced their own solution to help Fleet Managers guarantee that their vehicles and driver are fit to be on the road. The Rivervale Driver Care application is customisable and accessible on all devices. For anyone responsible for managing a fleet, Driver Care becomes your digital fleet assistant and provides real time reporting to ensure you never miss a beat.

Rivervale Leasing based in Brighton are a leading vehicle leasing broker that works 10 funders to ensure the most competitive prices.

Offering over 37 different manufacturers and endless models of both cars and vans. Rivervale Leasing provide to both private customers and businesses alike, supplying thousands of vehicles to happy customers every year. Rivervale are one of the top rated companies on Trustpilot average an exceptional 5 star rating. Rivervale offer free collection and delivery and are one of the only leasing providers to charge no documentation or administration fees. Visit the Rivervale car and van leasing website to find your next leasing deal.

Rivervale have a dedicated electric and hybrid offering complete with easy to read guides and videos for anyone considering making the switch into an electric car or van. At the start of 2021 Rivervale began a further ‘green’ initiative when it introduced a partnership with tree planting organisation Eforests. For every EV leased or purchased Rivervale buy a tree which is then planted by Eforests where they are needed most to help further offset carbon footprints and acknowledge the customers decision to go eco.

RHT Industries Limited

RHT is principally an indoor environment air treatment manufacturer that brings to market innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly products used in a wide range of ever expanding industries and applications. Our products are used in the paint, perfume, air, rail, hotel industries, hospitals, offices and in the home.

Our technology is unique compared to others in the same industry space, where our patented principal air filtration treatment system NCCO has one of the longest lasting life expectancy (up to 12yrs), and at the end of life can easily and safely be disposed of compared to the more commonly used environmentally unfriendly activated carbon filters for instance. NCCO stands for the Nano-Confined Catalytic Oxidation and this unique and innovative technology was developed in collaboration with the internationally renowned Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It can kill bacteria and viruses as well as removing gaseous pollutants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odours, converting them to harmless molecules of Carbon Dioxide and Water. In addition, our system also efficiently removes smoke, PM2.5 particulates, yeasts, and allergens.

In the UK we are introducing not only our industrial/commercial air treatment systems, but also to the home with our line of ‘b-Mola’ branded air treatment systems which use the power of NCCO technology and aided by our ‘SMART’ app technology.

Due to our highly regulatory compliant technology, our focus over the last two years has been in the European Life Science Sector and in particular hospitals where departments are increasingly affected by toxic and carcinogenic pollutants such as Formaldehyde and VOCs.  We have distribution partners in over 12 European countries and expanding strongly thanks to its uniquely effective, cost-efficient and sustainable technology.

RHT has offices in Hong Kong, North America and Berlin, together with a representative office in the UK. For more information as to how NCCO can help you;

Please visit the following websites –  /  /


Air Treatment Units for Industry and Commerce –  RHT Brand


Air Treatment Systems for the Home –  b-MOLA brand

We have a family of units that use our unique NCCO technology and many can be connected to and controlled by our ‘SMART’ mobile app.

Ruskin Air Management Limited

South Street,

There is more to us than meets the eye. More than you imagine. So here’s where we put Ruskin Air Management into perspective.

Yes, we are the acknowledged UK market leader in air distribution, fire and smoke control and natural ventilation. And yes, our US sister company Ruskin is one of the largest, most innovative air control solutions manufacturers in the market place. But it’s not size that’s important, it’s what it offers our clients now and in the future. Like access to some of the most advanced test and development facilities available. The vision to invest in revolutionary technology.

The competence to deliver tried and tested solutions.

The guarantee that whatever our three specialist divisions deliver, it will always fulfil your brief. And, whether that is Actionair, Air Diffusion or Naco (of which more later), if anyone should tell you there is no practical solution to your needs, we will prove them wrong.

Not just once but every time.

RSK Group plc

Spring Lodge
172 Chester Road

RSK is a fully integrated, environmental, health, safety and engineering services company employing over 1000 staff across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We offer a broad range of social, environmental, health and safety, geoscience and site investigation services.Our comprehensive, solutions-led consultancy services help organisations around the world with the most demanding of projects.

RPS Group Plc

20 Western Avenue
Milton Park
Abingdon (Group HQ)
OX14 4SH

RPS Group Plc is one of the world’s leading energy and built and natural environment focussed consultancies. RPS Employs 5,054 staff based in 104 major towns and cities globally. Together we are engaged in projects in over 125 countries on 6 continents. In 2015 RPS reported an annual turnover of £567.0m.

SKC Limited

SKC Limited
11 Sunrise Business Park,
Higher Shaftesbury Road
Blandford Forum
Dorset DT11 8ST

Environmental air sampling is carried out whenever there is a need to investigate contaminants in the air. Typical situations include the testing of hazardous waste sites, air emissions from industry and indoor air quality. SKC offers a wide range of direct reading instruments for monitoring for personal exposure, workplace exposure and environmental monitoring, including sophisticated ambient monitors for 24 hour sampling.

The latest Monitor to join the family is the HAZ-DUST 7204 Particulate Monitor

The HAZ-DUST 7204 is an instrument for concurrent dust monitoring and gravimetric dust sampling. Its large colour touch screen shows a real time graphical display of airborne particulate concentration in the breathing zone. By combining a flow compensated pump for gravimetric sampling with an optical sensor for particulate monitoring the HAZ-DUST 7204 removes the need for two separate devices.

  • Easy touch screen operation
  • Instantaneous, continuous display of TWA, STEL, Minimum, Maximum concentration in mg/m3
  • Sensor mounts directly in the breathing zone for a personal sample
  • Interchangeable sampling inlets for Inhalable, Thoracic and Respirable measurement
  • Can accept pre-weighed and preloaded 25 or 37 mm filter cassettes
  • Small and lightweight with integral belt clip
  • Operates for over 22 hours using rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Automatic data logging
  • Multiple language options
  • Easy to use DustComm Pro Software for data downloading, trend analysis and comprehensive reporting of concentration changes over time

For further information please contact our team direct on +44 (0) 1258 480188 or email mentioning ‘Air Quality News’

Contact Details:

SKC Limited
11 Sunrise Business Park,
Higher Shaftesbury Road
Blandford Forum
Dorset DT11 8ST

Tel: +44 (0) 1258 480188



Twitter:  @SKCSamplers


South Coast Science

Unit 9
Freshfield Industrial Estate
East Sussex

South Coast Science is a Brighton, UK based manufacturer of air quality instruments. Established in 2016, the Praxis/Urban product was developed in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and is now used across all seven continents. It can measure up to 9 different environmental parameters simultaneously and data is stored onboard the device as well as automatically uploaded to the South Coast Science cloud, where it can be downloaded into customer’s infrastructure. An open-source data platform is used so that users can, if required, compare raw with corrected data once it has been through the company’s bespoke correction algorithm.

The success of the Praxis/Urban led to the development of more products, the first of which launched early in 2021. The Praxis/OPCube is a small robust device for the environmental health/smart city sector offering gas plus particulate monitoring. Others in development include the Praxis/GasCube, a battery/solar powered device for odour monitoring in the wastewater treatment sector and the Praxis/IAQ for indoor air quality within schools, serviced offices and public buildings.

Confidence in the hardware is only one half of the equation however, having confidence in the data supplied is the other half. We are currently nearing the end of a data correction project and have spent three years collocating our instruments with government reference sites around the UK. PM and NO2 correction has now been finalised and we expect that this process will be completed for the remainder of the gases by the end of the year. Results are impressive with indicative values achieved for both species.   


Sensescape designs, builds and maintains environmentally effective plant-based solutions to solve a variety of problems. These include: cleaner air, improved mental health, increased value of land and easier planning applications.

We have worked with construction industry, the NHS, corporate office refurbishment, high-end residential, local authority and the leisure sector.

We also can work with complimentary technological companies who are installing air monitoring equipment and services. Specialist plant based solutions such as living walls and green roofs designed and built correctly, can make a dramatic improvement to the localised environment they serve.

Working between our associates, and ourselves we have many years of specialised experience, and a willingness to engage on projects of varying size and complexity.

Interest in natural solutions is rapidly gaining ground, and we thrive where biology and technology intersect to improve human health.

TSI Instruments Ltd.

Stirling Road
Cressex Business Park
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
HP12 3ST

TSI Instruments is a world leading manufacturer of precision measuring instruments for more than 50 years and has been setting the highest standards for measurements relating to environmental monitoring, aerosol science, airflow, chemical analysis, indoor air quality, fluid dynamics and biohazard detection. With decades of experience and highly trained staff, TSI offers the highest level of expertise in air quality measurement and environmental monitoring. Our European service department based in Buckinghamshire, UK ensures that our customers’ instruments are calibrated and maintained by manufacturer in market-leading turnaround time.

TSI’s MCERTS approved Environmental DustTrak™ Aerosol monitor is used to measure aerosol concentrations corresponding to PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and total size fractions. This instrument is ideal for short-term or long-term outdoor surveys and remote monitoring applications. The Environmental DustTrak™ provides real-time data, and can be set up and collecting data in less than an hour. Whether you work at a construction site or engineering firm, TSI’s Environmental DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitor is compatible with a variety of sensors, allowing you to collect the data that matters. The Environmental DustTrak Monitor is built upon proven DustTrak technology that thousands of people use every day for more than 20 years.

Visit us today at or speak to our expert Andy Sinclair at 07741 905713 or send an email to

Fax: +44 (0) 149 4 459700

Turnkey Instruments Ltd. design and manufacture a range of easy-to-use dust monitors, created to continuously measure and record the concentration of airborne particles. Our instruments feature two modes; in environmental mode they can simultaneously monitor the concentrations of TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 particles, while their workplace mode monitors the inhalable, thoracic and respirable fractions. In addition, they all include a data logging feature.

Every product includes a proprietary nephelometer, designed and produced by ourselves, that analyses the individual particles of an air sample as they pass through a laser beam; the particles are then collected on the reference filter. This advanced technology allows fractions to be determined at concentrations up to several mg/m³.

Our product range includes DustMate, Osiris and Topas. DustMate is a hand-held detector ideal for short term sampling and is highly effective for monitoring air quality within buildings and clean rooms, Osiris is a small and compact instrument designed to study particulate monitoring on a short to long term basis, used to determine exceedance areas while Topas is a fixed station monitor designed for long term installation. With Topas/Osiris, several sites can be linked together to form a larger monitoring system, controlled by our web server, using the 3G and 4G data network. Additionally, our latest noise monitor, i-dB &iVIBE can be used with both Osiris and Topas to create a full site monitoring station, designed to monitor both dust and noise & vibration emissions to meet all regulations.


Cunningham Court
Shadsworth Business Park

Tensar International is a world leader and expert in technology driven solutions for ground stabilisation and soil reinforcement. Tensar supplies geosynthetic products and provides proven practical solutions for poor soil conditions affecting the cost of railways, roads and paved areas. The company also offers products for earth retaining walls and slopes, subgrade improvement and stabilisation, foundations, reinforcement of asphalt to extend pavement life and erosion protection products for soil slopes and waterways.

Vortex IoT offers a suite of cleantech air quality monitoring solutions that help organisations deliver greater environmental impact at an affordable price.

Vortex IoT SalixAir sensors and our ultra-low mesh network help drive down carbon footprint by removing the need to visit the device location for any maintenance or servicing needs. The result is that organisations can say goodbye to time consuming maintenance schedules as the sensors are managed remotely, lowering the cost of ownership and further supporting carbon reduction. In addition, we increase environmental impact by planting a tree with each device sold.

Our technology, designed to survive harsh environments, offers a multitude of benefits and functionality including:

– The ability to target specific areas with geofencing capabilities for hyperlocal measurement

– Support Low Emission Zones through Ulez monitoring

– Pollution source apportionment – real time continuous monitoring for evidence-based decision making

– Affordable – low capital and operating costs, allowing high density deployment

– Reliable – our highly accurate sensors use automatic drift and detection algorithms which are calibrated over the air

– Easy to fit – our sensors are easily fitted to existing lampposts

– Self-healing, self-organising, energy-aware network protocol

Supported by a grant from Innovate UK, Vortex IoT’s award winning technology integrates with existing business systems to enable organisations to discover new urban business models to create smart cities. Specifically designed for harsh and built-up environments, our sensors are robust and reliable.

We are delighted to be working with the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham to roll out the largest density of sensors in Europe to help improve air quality and health outcomes for its residents.

Find out about our affordable air quality monitoring solutions to help increase your environmental impact, contact us on

WasteManaged is a commercial waste collection company located in Newcastle upon Tyne (England). They provide waste disposal services for general, dry-mixed recycling, food, glass, and clinical waste.

With a growing customer base of over 22,000 small businesses, they have been collecting trade waste for over 11 years and are experts in what they do. 

They were the first waste management company in the UK to offer customers fixed billing for their services, negating any excess weight charges which often caused unnecessary stress for business owners. WasteManaged instead keeps invoicing simple and consistent with a set-and-forget price for collections, no hidden fees or extras are ever slapped on. 

Focused on the environmental impact of commercial refuse, they strive to recycle or repurpose as much of their customer’s waste as possible. By adopting a zero-waste-to-landfill policy they are ensuring that any business that chooses to use WasteManaged as their waste solution is being environmentally responsible.

Typical customers include small to medium-sized restaurants, offices, takeaways, garages, beauty salons, and medical practices. 

To get a quote on your business waste collections then head over to their site and fill out a 60-second form where their team will provide a price for your requirements.


Arndale Court
Otley Road

WYG is a global project management and technical consultancy with a difference. Our in-house team brings together over 1,500 specialists from a diverse set of disciplines. Our connections reach even further as we bring together a network of over 20,000 partners and associates across the globe.

Together, we provide bespoke solutions, making our clients’ ambitions possible.

Our people are designers, project managers, engineers, surveyors, town planners, environmental specialists and business service professionals. The breadth of our skills and knowledge allows us to provide a unique integrated approach to projects whatever their size, complexity or geography.

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

WSP House
70 Chancery Lane

At WSP we bring the very best consultancy from teams that work harder for our clients. Our practice combines strong science, engineering and business consultancy. We’re one of the world’s largest advisors but all projects – be they large or small – warrant as much care. We’re proud of the advice we give.


7 Brock Way,

WJ is the UK’s leading specialist road marking and highway maintenance business. We pride ourselves on being the most forward-thinking and innovative company in the sector and our determination to always ‘Think Exceptional’ has led to numerous awards for our step change innovations, culture and community centred approach.

Our culture has sustainability at its heart and we ensure that when delivering critical road safety schemes that keep the country running, we ensure our environmental and social impact is  kept to a minimum, whilst aiming to leave a lasting and positive legacy for the communities we serve.

An integral part of our ethos is our ‘Thinking Community’ activity, and over the last two years we have inspired over 20,000 lives, creating £millions in social value. All WJ employees embody this thinking and always look to support our communities in any way they can.

For more information email:

Our cities are getting bigger and more complex. We want to make mobility safer, more efficient, and more sustainable with forward-looking infrastructure and transport solutions. Yunex Traffic develops innovative mobility ecosystems and services for the smart city. This combines freedom of movement with limited space; autonomy with safety; climate targets with value creation; quality of life with digital progress.

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