Data-based water systems could slow resource depletion

As part of World Water Week 2023, UK-based Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities company Connexin presented the results of partnerships with local authorities and water companies. 

The firm has been working with Yorkshire Water and Severn Trent Water, rolling out so-called ‘smart water solutions’ which offer more clarity and data on water consumption patterns. The aim is to help bring down usage levels and waste, helping use water more effectively and efficiently in the future. 

Focusing on Coventry, the city’s water network has been digitised, which has helped bring down per person water wastage from 140 litres per year to 115. This number is expected to fall further as available data feeds awareness campaigns promoting behavioural changes among individuals. As this happens, water companies will need to extract less from natural sources.

‘As part of World Water Week, we’re proud of the contribution we’re making to help to create more sustainable water practices across the UK,’ said Dan Preece, Vice President of IoT at Connexin. ‘Successful contract wins and partnerships with the likes of Yorkshire Water and Severn Trent Water are only the starting point for us. We know that climate change is a real threat to mankind and our planet, and we want to help reverse the adverse effects with better water management, to ensure the lives of our current and future generations.’ 

As with Yorkshire Water, Severn Trent Water now has access to detailed reporting on overall usage, automatic billing technology, and other functionality that can lead to more proactive decision making. But, while Connexin’s technology has understandably been welcomed, the water industry continues to face increasing pressure related to the high levels of waste in the UK network, alongside frequent pollution events. 

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Image: Connexin


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